We know this is an uncertain time for weddings and events, but we have started to look towards the future and what in-person weddings and events could look like during and after COVID-19, when things begin to open up.

Our promise to you, is that we will continue to be transparent, flexible and work with you right up until the first dance, after you which you can let your hair down and roll your sleeves up and party!

Wedding or Event Already Booked?

If you have wedding booked with us, rest assured we are working behind the scenes to be ready when your wedding reception gets the go-ahead.

We have teams in place should we also need to stream your wedding or event, to your friends and family across the globe who are unable to attend.

We have the expertise and experience to entertain your guests in any scenario; such as if your guests have to party in their bubbles at their dinner tables.

Should any of the team be displaying any symptoms related to COVID-19, we have a big enough team and network, to fulfill our obligations.

Need to change dates? No problem.

Our flexible booking policy

We understand the unpredictable status of weddings and events, making it almost impossible to make any plans. so we’ve introduced a new policy to allow for more flexibility if your plans change.

When you book us for your wedding or event before 3oth June 2022, you can make unlimited date changes and venue changes. Your wedding or event will just need to take place before 30th June 2023.

We’ll also be flexible with the final amount you pay, if we are required to add or remove any services, as long as we haven’t incurred any upfront costs.

It is important to check in with us before confirming your new date to avoid diary clashes, especially if you have a particular Intryst DJ in mind. However, you can be sure, all of our DJs have that Intryst party vibe in their DNA!

This policy applies for bookings made on or after 1st February 2021.

Haven’t yet decided on a new date?

For complete peace of mind, you can choose to keep your wedding or event open as credit,  ready to rebook anytime up to the 30th June 2023.

Once we have received your credit request, we will update your booking and send confirmation.